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2020-11-05 04:08:07

Thank you Beth Ahlman for your kind words and researching my accomplishments for yourself. If others would like to read my resume, they can do so here:

Dear Perry Buck,

Being in the minority party in Colorado makes near impossible get bills passed, but I wanted to commend you on your years of accomplishments:
– 13 bills signed into law covering health care, transportation, agriculture, small business, and first responders.
– 14 awards for fiscal responsibility, principles of freedom, civil justice, agriculture, and pro-life causes.
– 20 years of volunteering in Weld County in so many organizations including United Way, Rotary, Habitat For Humanity, and Boy Scouts of America.

I also know you are/were a small business owner, member of the Weld City Council, and a project manager who is great with accounting and tax issues. So when I see something saying you’re not those things, I know your resume and I know what they say isn’t true.